Construction and Renovation Works for Urban Conservation Area and Göbeklitepe Archeological Site in Şanlıurfa FIDIC Contract

Structural Steel Canopy Construction within the preservation plan of the Göbeklitepe Archaeological Site.

The T shaped pillars carved from locally quarried limestone reserves are proven to be the earliest evidence of man-made buildings of prehistoric human populations dating back to 10th-9th millennium BC. These monuments are a testimony on the history of the transition from hunting communities to agrarian societies. Monumental Stone Age Architectural Site has been included in the World Heritage List.


Şanlıurfa, Türkiye

Key Responsibilities
  • Monitor progress and quality of works, inform Contracting Authority of any problems re costs and time
  • Provide quality control, inspection of works and materials
  • Instruct the Contractor for any necessary additional or modified drawings
  • Monitor the Contractors quality Control programmes
  • Check the quality of the works, built-in materials and installed plants
  • Review and approve Contractor’s material submittals, check country of origin
  • Measure and keep accurate records of completed works, detail deviations
  • Witness test of construction materials, keep records of results
  • Liaise with Relevant Authorities for testing and inspection programme
  • Maintain Financial Control
  • Review Contractors programme and cash flow predictions to assist Contracting Authority re funds
  • Check, approve Contractors Interim Payment applications, issue payment certificates
  • Advise Contracting Authority on receipt of Contractors claims for additional payments/extension of time
  • Issue variation orders if no change in cost/extension of time and if approved by Contracting Authority
  • Advise, seek approval of Contracting Authority for variation orders where cost/ext of time is involved
  • Report to Contracting Authority on disputes that require their intervention/assistance
  • Monitor Progress of the works, hold weekly progress meetings with Contractor
  • Prepare and submit all specified reports as required
  • Maintain Health and Safety and Environmental Control
  • Maintain Document Control, daily records, as-built drawings, quality dossier
  • Daily record site events into logbook, check Contractors site diary
  • Organise monthly progress meetings, distribute minutes, attend other meetings as reqd.
  • Assist, give advice to Contracting Authority and obtain specific approval where specified in ToR